BEF Crowd Sourced Funding has Arrived!

Beaverton’s Choice is a site like Donors Choose that helps individuals and businesses match up their time, resources or a tax donation with specific classroom projects in our Beaverton public schools. Teachers list their needs online; donors choose which one are of interest. It’s as simple as that! Now Beaverton Education Foundation can help make your fabulous classroom project go viral through Beaverton’s Choice!

This expansion of Beaverton’s Choice Grant program will continue to make Awards on a rolling, year-round basis. District staff, at all locations, are encouraged to apply for a Beaverton’s Choice Grants of $500-$1,000, in-kind materials and/or specialized volunteers to support student-engaged projects that enrich learning and encourage classroom innovation in any content area.


  1. Please use the Beaverton’s Choice Grant application site.
  2. You will need to create a user ID and password to apply and edit your application. Please refer to the scoring guide (used by the BEF Grant Committee) and the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Applications are reviewed on a monthly, rolling basis by the BEF Grant Committee. You may apply anytime during the academic year. Please allow 6-8 weeks to process your request.

Additional Opportunity Through The Spirit of New Seasons Market Award Fund:

Funding is also available through The Spirit of New Seasons Market Award Fund for projects that fit New Seasons Market core philosophy and are awarded through the Beaverton’s Choice Grant process.

New Seasons Markets are known for their commitment to: neighborhood, friendliness, taking care of each other, championing healthy regional food, building community, and diversity.

Note: Additional application requirement for The Spirit of New Seasons Award Fund:

  • Please describe how your project fits the core New Seasons Markets philosophy in one paragraph in the Beaverton’s Choice Grant application Needs Section.



Download a copy of the Project Completion Report and update BEF accordingly.